Best Christmas Toys 2016

Minecraft Paper CharactersKids will be popping the best toys of 2016 on their lists to Santa, from Thunderbirds to Lego and Minecraft to Anki. Even the biggest toy manufacturers and retailers have started to announce their predictions on the likely best seller – Christmas toys 2016.

Unsurprisingly, the Frozen toys are very popular, as well as many other TV and film inspired toys such as Minions and Peppa the Pig. Here is a round up of the must have Christmas toys 2016 makes available.

1. ThunderBirds Tracy Island

This classic series has been revamped for TV this year, meaning that Tracy Island, the base for Thunderbirds, is back and truly on the map. A new model was developed, with all of the classics such as the Thunderbird 4 that can be deployed within Thunderbird 2. There is a secret swimming pool that reveals Thunderbird 1, and it can essentially protrude itself out of the base. Thunderbird 3 follows a similar route above the control tower, which comes with launch sound effects. To add on to the fun, Brain’s lab is assessable from the open back.

There was no sign of Thunderbird 5 in 2015, but with the anticipated success of Tracy Island, it wouldn’t be a surprise when additional accessories such as the Lady Penelopé’s FAB 1 Car are available in the market.

2. Minecraft Gameband

Kids can now bring their Minecraft worlds wherever they go. This gamepad is essentially a USB storage wearable, which can be used to store Minecraft progress, and transport the worlds to a compatible console. Additionally, it offers a back-up service so that the worlds can never get lost.

Gameband is this year’s ultimate Minecraft fashion statement, and it comes with 140 LEDs to display the animations that can even be programmed into your own designs, using a Pixel Furnace software. On board the Gameband are several pre-loaded worlds and regardless of whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, there will always be something new for you.

3. Anki Overdrive

The Anki Drive, a physical racer with bundled app-based controls and weapons, has evolved. Meet the new and greatest iteration, the Anki Overdrive. It now lets your kids to form new tracks on their own and play out live-action race battles. Think of it as a computer game that has unfolded into reality.

The Anki Overdrive is not just about racing; there are several virtual weapons to choose from. These can be fired to physically slow down, or change the course of your opponent. This creates a whole new experience and enjoyment for the kids, and many children will have it on their Santa’s lists.

4. Meccano Meccanoid

This was possibly one of the coolest toys of 2015. This free-standing battery powered and voice controlled robot might end up in the hands of more adults than children. Just like any other Meccano product, you have to build the Meccanoid before it’s ready to go. With voice activation and lighted up eyes, the robot can be programmed via a smartphone app to do various tasks. The Meccanoid can move back and forth, via motorized wheels, dance, high five, and even do a bit of chit chats.

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda