VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch – Something Smart A Child Can Learn From

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Gone are the days when building blocks and flash cards taught our children their numbers, alphabet and how to tell time. Leave it to a company like VTech to come up with a Smartwatch for kids age 5-12 years. Smart kids deserve smart toys and gadgets. But if you think your child is still much too […]

Little Live Pets Clever Keet – The Perfect Solution to the Pet Dog Question

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

If you have kids you already know that the question “Can we have a dog (or cat)?” is going to come up at some point if it hasn’t already. Little Live Pets is a well thought out toy that will help your kids forget about the real deal, at least for now. Regardless of how […]

Fisher Price Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Shipwreck Rails Set

Fisher Price Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Shipwreck Rails Set

We had a Thomas the Train track table for my son. He spent hours pushing the train around the tracks, into the station for “repairs” and back out over the bridges. A perennial favorite for children and adults. Thomas and Friends is world renowned for the many hours of fun the toys provide for countless […]

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit – Do You Know A Curious Child?

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

I absolutely love that some of the best toys out there having nothing to do with video games. A hands on science kit can only get a child to ask questions and delve further into exploring the most amazing things all around them. Project Mc2 features McKeyla and other girls who love to solve missions by using […]