Minions Madness: What Is This All About?

Short, yellow, banana-loving creatures – these minions have been making the rounds, not just online, but they’ve literally conquered different parts of the globe. Kids, and even kids at heart, love them. If you’ve watched Despicable Me 1 & 2, then you’ll know what everyone is talking about. If you haven’t seen the movie, or […]

Lego is Always a Popular Gift Choice

When it comes to toys, there are few things as timeless and entertaining as Lego building toys. These fascinating sets have been providing pleasure for generations with a wide range of characters, building structures and more. If you want to buy a fantastic gift this season for one of the kids on your shopping list, […]

The Best and Hottest Toys 2016

Nowadays, iPads and tablets are replacing the usual handheld toys and remote controls. Manufacturers of toys are now looking for effective ways to distract the children from playing with their tablets and to attract them to play with colorful toys instead. This article provides some of the hottest toys 2016 that the children will really […]

Dear Santa – Top Toys 2016

As a parent, you want to buy your children toys that are educational and will help with development and learning. But your kids aren’t always that interested in your good intentions and their Christmas wish list may only contain the most popular, top toys 2016. Here are five of the best sellers that are suitable […]