Dear Santa – Top Toys 2016

ConquererAs a parent, you want to buy your children toys that are educational and will help with development and learning. But your kids aren’t always that interested in your good intentions and their Christmas wish list may only contain the most popular, top toys 2016.

Here are five of the best sellers that are suitable for different ages and debuted at the Toy Fair:

1. Dino Toy From CogniToys

Has your child entered the ‘Why?’ phase where you are constantly peppered with questions as he or she tries to make sense of the world around them? The Dino Toy is designed to answer all you child’s burning questions through stored cloud data. The toy ‘remembers’ previous conversations and tailors it’s answers to it’s owner. It is suitable for children from 4 years and up and will be available just before Christmas.

2. Crayon Carver by Crayola

Is your child an artist in the making? Crayons are an essential start to all children who want to express their creativity on paper. The Crayon Carver allows them to be even more creative by designing their own crayons, stamping letters, numbers and symbols into the actual crayon. The toy is ideal for children over 6 years.

3. Makey Makey

Is your kid a budding IT genius? Makey Makey will allow your kid to express creativity using their Nintendo game console. The kit comes with a controller board and connections that can be attached to a number of objects that will act as the buttons on the game controller. The objects can be switched out as often as they like and the kit is suitable for kids of 8 years and over.

4. Cubelets from LEGO

LEGO pieces have been a favorite kids toy for both parents and children for decades. Cubelets enhances the 3D building experience and incorporates traditional LEGO pieces. The highlight of the toy is that the Cubelets can be programmed to perform actions and maneuvers which adds so much more excitement. The building blocks are appropriate for children aged 4 and up and are top toys 2016.

5. Compose Yourself by ThinkFun

A musician in the making? Compose Yourself consists of music cards that can be interposed upon one another to create beautiful tunes. Not only can your child listen to their creation on a computer, but they can print out the score so that they can play the music on an instrument. Children as young as 6 years can become instant composers.

6. R.E.V. from Wowwee

Wowwee have once again upped their game by producing Robotic Enhance Vehicles (R.E.V.) that are a huge improvement on the old remote controlled car. Using the smart phone to control the two motorized vehicles that come with the kit, your child can play against the computer or race against their friends in a variety of game modes. Accessories are available that increase the entertainment value and unlock special features. The toy is aimed at children aged 8 years and over.

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda