Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex – Are Dinosaurs Too Scary?

I had a friend growing up who was really into dinosaurs and lizards and other weird animals nobody would go near. To go to Albert’s house was to enter into a jungle like atmosphere. The Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex might just be the right toy if your child is anything like Albert.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-RexDinosaurs are creatures that really spark a child’s imagination and now with the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex, they can bring to life a multitude of adventures.

This toy is unique in that it allows kids to direct the adventure with the use of the Power Pads. By using these Pads, kids can control the T-Rex and they’ll easily be entertained with all of the lights, sounds and actions.

They can make him do all sorts of different moves to create adventures for their favorite dinosaur. They can cause him to walk forward to win the battle over an enemy or to fire projectiles.

The dinosaur even has the ability to throw around a boulder or two. Kids can use the Power Pads to have the dinosaur stand or use the powerful jaws to chomp. All while the dinosaur is moving, there are a growling and other sounds that make the dinosaur sound real.

He also has LED lights for his eyes that add a bit of a scary touch. An enemy definitely won’t want to stick around when T-Rex is on the move. These LED lights also light up the dinosaur’s spikes.

He’s ready for anything and your child will be thrilled to play with this toy. There’s no end to how kids can have fun and create unique stories just for T-Rex. With toys that spark creativity such as this one, it helps kids to not only develop a stronger sense of unique play, but teaches them how to handle multiple actions at once.

During the play time with the dinosaur, kids will be busy making sure they get the projectiles launched. Or, they’ll make sure that they track down enemies and see to it that they end up delivering justice by putting them in jail.

They can have plenty of adventure with the glider that the figurines can use. If kids use the Power Pad that’s on the dinosaur’s hip, then T-Rex will rise to an impressive 2 ½ feet in height.

A different Power Pad controls whether or not the dinosaur will toss out projectiles. Kids get to decide what the adventure will be and what accessories will be used.

Another Power Pad touch from kids can direct the dinosaur to head forward as if under his own steam and he’s quite fearsome to observe in action. With the purchase of this toy, you’ll receive 3 figures that come with helmets and other items such as the glider.

Also included are a total of two sets of things the dinosaur can launch – 4 projectiles and 4 boulders. The toy is a must have for any child who loves dinosaurs.

I’ll bet that once your child gets into playing with this T-Rex they won’t be afraid of all the things that make him scary – only to his enemies.

Ages 3 – 8 years

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda