GoldieBlox – Construction and Design Toy For Girls

GoldieBlox - Engineering For Young GirlsGoldieBlox is a design toy as well as book collection that is specifically tailored to girls. It includes a storybook, character figurines and a building set – every possible item a little lady requires in order to construct, discover and also enjoy playing with all bundled into one toy!

GoldieBlox is available in different sets and packages, Expansion collections are readily available as well.

Who Are The GoldieBlox Building Sets For?

It has always been thought that young girls can only have fun playing with their dolls or pretending to be the lady of the house, cooking and cleaning up. Modern moms and dads are determined to find a lot more developmental toys to challenge their daughters and help them learn differently while they are building and having fun, all at the same time. By incorporating a storybook feature with character figures and also real planning and construction, GoldieBlox is every little girl’s parent’s dream and has been created with kids aged 5 to 9 years of age in mind.



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Why Do We Like GoldieBlox?

Kids and stories go hand in hand. GoldieBlox understands this and has included books in their sets for this reason. The principle of showing girls how to construct while at the same time sharing the experiences as well as the discoveries of the primary character is exactly the message Goldieblox has going for it.

The first set, GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine, concentrates on constructing a belt drive. It comes complete with every single thing needed to build it, such as a pegboard, wheels, axles, blocks, washers and cranks.

Naturally, this will almost certainly ignite your youngster’s imagination and also boost her critical skills. It’s great knowing that there is a large variety of GoldieBlox sets to pick from, some of which include constructing a parade float and another one that has to do with building a pulley elevator.

The personality of Goldie is not that of your regular girl’s doll. She’s “built for action and not for fashion”. Simply put, she’s a smart, clever and also interested girl – most definitely a person every father and mother would encourage their daughter to emulate.  She is a shining example that any individual would certainly value having as a friend.

What’s Not To Like About GoldieBlox?

When put together the toy incredibly occupies a great deal of room. This indicates you will need to have ample space available for saving your daughter’s masterpiece. There are additionally some circumstances where certain components do not match as well as we would expect.


The GoldieBlox maker offers a 30-day limited guarantee from flaws in materials as well as craftsmanship of this toy.

Is The GoldieBlox Worth The Money?

Scientific research, design, mathematics and innovation are typically areas where young girls or women do not excel notably at really young and impressionable ages. Anything that will concentrate on getting them started being curious about these topics is most definitely worth the cost.

Where Can I Get  GoldieBlox?

You might be able to buy the GoldieBlox from the product maker’s internet site, but the easiest and best way to get it is through where the sets can be bought together with lots of available discounts. Free Delivery is a great option for you when purchasing this item from Amazon, saving you quite a bit of money in shipping and handling fees.

Our Final Thoughts on The GoldieBlox Engineering Toy

Who said only boys could be interested in playing with and learning about building toys and sets? GoldieBlox has been made specifically with little girls in mind to encourage them to pick up those construction blocks and get their engineering minds engaged in what is possible. Girl power!

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda