Lamaze Pippin the Push Along Pup – A Great Toy For Baby

This toy made Family Choice Awards’ list of top toys for babies. That’s quite an endorsement! Read below to find out why the Lamaze Pippin the Push Along Pup is a wonderful way to jump start your baby’s early development. Lamaze Pippin Push Along Pup

The Lamaze people, along with TOMY toys, have once again put together a toy that your child will reach for over and over again. Pippin the Push Along Pup is a colorful and multi-textured puppy that’s perfect for your little crawler and ensures that his sensory and motor skills are given a workout.

Pippin the Push Along Pup can glide across the floor on his eye-catching little wheels and provide lots of fun and play for your child. Pippin has a nifty storage bag on his back and comes with a squeaking ball and rattling bone that your baby will love to put in and take out.

Eye-hand coordination is also addressed in the toy. Your child will discover how to open the bag to take out or put toys in and how to shake or squeeze the pup’s toys to get them to make noise.

Lamaze specializes in educating and training infants and toddlers. They’ve zeroed in on the design concepts that stimulate creativity and imagination in children while also training them in sensory elements.

The Lamaze Push and Pull Toy was touted as the “best toy” in the “Infant or Toddler Toys of the Year,” by The Toy Industry Association. Your toddler will love the bright colors and multiple ways to play with Pippin for many fun moments while he’s also learning.

Pippin rolls freely across any floor with the help of a little hand to push him along and this is likely the first thing your child will do with his new friend. There’s a handle on the back of the pup which allows the child to grab and push.


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Then, he’ll progress to the taking the rattle ball and squeaky bone contained in the easy-to-open enclosure on Pippin’s back. The handle on the back opens to a pouch which contains the bone and ball.

Pippin is soft and cuddly too – perfect to take naps with. One of the favorite parts of Pippin are the soft and crinkly ears that provide comfort and fun while napping or playing.

Lamaze My First FishbowlWhile you’re considering Pippin, The Push Along Pup, you may also want to consider some other toys by Lamaze such as Tomy Lamaze My First Fishbowl and the Push Along Peanut (also from Lamaze).

These toys and much more will provide your baby with fun times and learning experiences that are priceless to his development. They’re also very reasonably priced, so they don’t have to break your budget.

Any Lamaze toy you pick up for a young child will be educational and fun. You can buy with confidence knowing these are some of the best toys for this age group.

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda