Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed – A Hard Working Fun Truck

My son had so many trucks we had no place to walk without hurting ourselves. If only he had had this truck he could have used it to tow all the others to their sleeping place on the shelf. This truck’s a winner.

Of the many different toys that kids love, trucks rank pretty high on the list. When those trucks have more technology, better features and a greater ability to do things, these are the ones that end up on every child’s wish list.

Max Tow Truck Turbo RedThat’s why the Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed is one of the hottest trucks that kids are begging to get. This truck is the kind of truck that puts all the others to shame with what it can do.

The first feature that it has is an amazing amount of power. The strength of the truck has yet to be topped with any toy truck that’s been manufactured. You would think that with the amount of strength the truck has, that it would be bulky, which in turn would take away some of its speed.

But that’s not the case at all. Even with all its power, the Max Tow Truck can outrun other trucks. When kids put Max in gear, he surges forward like he’s been set free. And this truck doesn’t stop if something is blocking his path.

He has the ability to change his power mode and get the object out of his way. He’s not about to let anything keep him from getting where he’s going. The truck is so strong that kids can use Max’s chain to hook up to an object that weighs as much as 200 pounds and the truck will take care of it.

He can push that much weight or pull it. That kind of strength is amazing. The truck will tow that heavy object from one area to the next with ease – without any limitations at all. Besides being able to pull that much weight, Max’s power and sturdy tires let him drive right over items in his path if he needs to.

Kids can fill a wagon with books, boxes or other heavy objects, fix Max’s chain to the wagon and watch him take off and he’ll do it in style and with power. Max has turbo mode that blasts him right off, ready to roll – and he’ll keep on going until he needs to shift that mode.

But pulling and pushing with incredible strength isn’t all that Max can do. This truck has the ability to interact with your child. He can say 50 different phrases as well as make sounds.

He interacts with kids when the activation areas on the truck are activated. These areas are the tow hitch, the front bumper and the siren that’s on the roof of the truck. When you buy the truck, you also get the chain and the tow hooks. The truck is suitable for kids from 6 to 9 but older kids do enjoy playing with this toy.

Any adult will have a blast playing with their child and this really cool truck. A must have for the kids who loves their trucks!

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda