Minions Madness: What Is This All About?

arl rocket Minion toy character from Despicable Me animation movShort, yellow, banana-loving creatures – these minions have been making the rounds, not just online, but they’ve literally conquered different parts of the globe. Kids, and even kids at heart, love them. If you’ve watched Despicable Me 1 & 2, then you’ll know what everyone is talking about.

If you haven’t seen the movie, or if you don’t know who these yellow creatures are, you’re missing out a lot. It’s probably time to hit the cinemas, get a copy of their DVD, and even check some stores – you’ll see why everyone is going gaga over these “ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-na-na” lovers.

It’s Confirmed: They’re Everywhere

If you’re living somewhere in the United Kingdom, recent news has shown that a giant (literally a big one) minion has caused chaos and extreme traffic. A huge minion figure has stumbled on the road, causing one of the car’s side mirror to fall down. The good news is, other than that slight damage, everything seems to be okay and no other people (and minions) were hurt.

On the good side, if you or your child is in love with these hilarious and despicable characters, you’ll love the fact that their merchandise can be found everywhere! If you’re planning on building a minion army at home, or at least collecting some of their merchandise, here are some tips on building your yellow collection.

Check Online – It’s official. Even when you search online, you’ll find a whole range of stuff related to these gibberish-speaking cuties. You can start your search with their official site, but if you’re looking for more things other than the action figures and displays, you can check Facebook pages, or even some Instagram stores.

Most of these online sellers have a wide range of minion merchandise such as shirts, phone cases, dolls, and even computer peripherals and accessories.

Visit Your Local Department Store – Of course, there’s still this option, because there’s nothing better than being able to inspect the product physically before you make your purchase. Kids love the fact that they get to visit their department store, because, unlike online stores, they get to take home their purchase right then and there, which obviously gives them great joy.

The only thing with products from department stores is that they seem to be more expensive as compared to ones being sold online. The good thing is, there are designs available in your local store that online stores don’t have.

Auction Sites – If you’re looking for rare, and well, more expensive minion merchandise, auction sites may be your go-to place. Other than collectors’ items, you’ll find some unique products that your typical store doesn’t offer. This is perfect for those kids at heart who are into collecting minion figures.

Regardless of your budget, choice and preference, these cute toys are not hard to find. Check out your favorite store and buy toys, shirts, movies, or even some nice bed sheets for your kids and the entire family!

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda