Fisher-Price Bear Smart Toy – The Toy That Interacts With Your Child

Fisher Price Smart Toy Bear in Box

You know how you buy a toy for a child and a year later they’ve outgrown it? This toy adapts to your child’s age with ever changing WiFi content updates via an app. High tech innovation every parent can appreciate. Some interactive toys are pretty much like the next one, but not the Fisher-Price Bear Smart […]

VEX Robotics Ball Machines

HEXBUG Kids VEX Pick + Drop Ball Machine

Any toys that can be used to teach kids about power in motion are good educational and fun toys. Kids can learn and discover as they play. They’ll learn about linkages and motion as well as cause and effect. Toys like the VEX Robotics Ball Machines are reasonably priced toys that inspire kids to learn […]

Dohdles? What Is It and Why Is It So Much Fun?


Do you have a creative child (or adult) who loves to draw and then ask you what it is? Looks like the creators of Dohdles have put a twist on that age old question. Long gone are the days when games simply involved players moving a marker around a board. Today’s games are more interactive and […]

Sick Science Kits – The Fun Learning Toy

Let’s face it: motivating children to enjoy learning science can be quite difficult. But, with the right tools, you can actually make it happen! The best tool is available right now. Introducing Sick Science Kits from Steve Spangler Science.   Who Do Sick Science Kits Appeal To? Any parent that would like to encourage their children to enjoy […]

Disney Karaoke Series: “Frozen” CD – Still Very Popular

rozen Disney Karaoke CD

Similar to the Star Wars marketing machine (also a Disney division now), the word “Frozen” conjures up memories of one of Disney’s popular, if not most popular, movies of all time. Merchandising opportunities generated by the Frozen commercial empire have shot through the roof. Combine Frozen’s soundtrack with the Disney Karaoke Series and you have a sure winner. […]

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch – Something Smart A Child Can Learn From

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Gone are the days when building blocks and flash cards taught our children their numbers, alphabet and how to tell time. Leave it to a company like VTech to come up with a Smartwatch for kids age 5-12 years. Smart kids deserve smart toys and gadgets. But if you think your child is still much too […]

Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy – Buck the Deer Mailman

Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy - Buck the Deer Mailman

I can’t imagine what it must be like for family members to be away from each other for just one day much less days or weeks at a time especially when the little ones are growing so fast. These Toymail WIFI Messaging Toys are an amazing way to bridge that gap. And for that reason, […]