Little Live Pets Clever Keet – The Perfect Solution to the Pet Dog Question

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

If you have kids you already know that the question “Can we have a dog (or cat)?” is going to come up at some point if it hasn’t already. Little Live Pets is a well thought out toy that will help your kids forget about the real deal, at least for now. Regardless of how […]

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset – The Perfect Toy For Your Little Fashionista

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset

This toy made it onto the Toys R Us 2015 Hot Toys List. That’s a pretty exclusive group meaning there will always be a high demand for it. Little girls will delight at having a Shopkins playset to call their very own. Kids will have loads of fun on their shopping spree when they’re playing with the […]

Fisher Price Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Shipwreck Rails Set

Fisher Price Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Shipwreck Rails Set

We had a Thomas the Train track table for my son. He spent hours pushing the train around the tracks, into the station for “repairs” and back out over the bridges. A perennial favorite for children and adults. Thomas and Friends is world renowned for the many hours of fun the toys provide for countless […]

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit – Do You Know A Curious Child?

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

I absolutely love that some of the best toys out there having nothing to do with video games. A hands on science kit can only get a child to ask questions and delve further into exploring the most amazing things all around them. Project Mc2 features McKeyla and other girls who love to solve missions by using […]

Rue, The WorryWoo Monster of Insecurity and Storybook

The Nose That Didn't Fit

I started reading to my son from the minute he got home from the hospital. I wanted to give him the gift of books and my love of reading from the get go. It’s paid off and I encourage anyone looking for a toy for a child to seriously consider throwing a book or two […]

Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Star Wars is just one of those phenoms that doesn’t ever seem to fade to black. I grew up with it, my son did and now an entirely new generation is about to jump on board. This is just one of the latest Star Wars toys kids will be asking for. The TIE Fighter is […]

Melissa & Doug – The Best of The Best

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Farm Hide and Seek

My son grew up on Melissa & Doug wooden toys. They are colorful, sturdy and intriguing for the young mind. These toys are evergreen and will never go out of style. The Melissa & Doug company began in the garage of Doug’s parents’ home. The business continues to grow thanks to the dedication of the company to bring quality […]

Frozen Toy Characters – Just Let It Go!

Frozen Characters

Last year it was all about “Frozen”. Everything was Frozen to the point where parents were wishing Disney had not put the darn movie out. Nevertheless, a female title character and a catchy song increased every little girl’s dreams of Frozen toys (and boys too). The 2013 movie Frozen earned over a billion dollars at the […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch 'N' Shout Leonardo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not new on the scene but they seem to capture the imagination of every young child who encounters them be it in the movies, on TV or in books. Stretch Leo, for short, may be exactly what your budding Turtle Ninja is looking for. Any child who fancies himself to […]