Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset – The Perfect Toy For Your Little Fashionista

Shopkins Fashion Boutique PlaysetThis toy made it onto the Toys R Us 2015 Hot Toys List. That’s a pretty exclusive group meaning there will always be a high demand for it. Little girls will delight at having a Shopkins playset to call their very own.

Kids will have loads of fun on their shopping spree when they’re playing with the Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset. These playsets use characters that are made just for the playsets.

The characters are unique and fun and live at the boutique. You can expand your collection of these whimsical characters if you want to, by collecting the more than 100 different characters that are available.

This particular set can be played with alone, or kids can add it to their other playsets. When you buy this set, you get a total of four different Shopkins. One of these is a high top sneaker with colorful sides and a plastic lace up center.

The face of the Shopkin is on the toe area of the shoe. Next, kids will get a perfume bottle Shopkin that has a little stopper on the side and a cute face that has big eyes on the front.

The third Shopkin you’ll get is a tube of lipstick with the face on the lower section of the tube. The fourth and final Shopkin that comes with this set is the pale green handbag. The handbag has a molded clasp and a winking face on the front of it.

The set is a rather large boutique so kids can have plenty of different shopping adventures. The boutique comes with two shopping bags as part of the accessory set.

These shopping bags open up easily and kids can place one of the Shopkins inside. The bags won’t hold multiple Shopkins at once. Also included with the boutique is the uniquely shaped lipstick sofa. It’s wide enough for kids to let two of the Shopkins sit on it at the same time.



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There is an expansive counter that comes as part of this boutique set along with a mirror. A display stand that can open is included too. Kids can open up this stand and place the Shopkins inside of it. Besides this stand, there’s also a corner stand that doesn’t have a door where the Shopkins can be displayed.

The boutique has an elevator that the Shopkins can use to go to the second floor of the shop. All you have to do is put the Shopkins on and lift it up. The elevator is glamorous as it glitters on the way up.

On one side of the boutique, there’s a style slide where kids can let their Shopkins take a fun ride from the second floor to the first floor. The slide glitters like the elevator.

In the upstairs portion of the boutique, there is a dressing room the Shopkins can use and this is lever operated. On the opposite side, the boutique offers storage bins to keep the Shopkins in. The set is suitable for children over 3 years of age.

I can’t imagine having so many pieces to play with all within the one Shopkins playset. So many combinations for hours and hours of girl fashionista fun.

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda