Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Wars is just one of those phenoms that doesn’t ever seem to fade to black. I grew up with it, my son did and now an entirely new generation is about to jump on board. This is just one of the latest Star Wars toys kids will be asking for.

The TIE Fighter is dedicated to his mission and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The realistic characters, even the villains, are one of the reasons that kids and adults alike love this franchise.

There are some great toys available for any kid who loves the Star Wars series and the Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter is one of these toys.

It contains the cool TIE Fighter Pilot figure along with his vehicle, accessories and projectiles. Because of the small size of the accessories, the set isn’t recommended for any child who’s younger than 4 years old.

The fighter pilots in the special forces are the best of the best that can be found in the First Order. They have the ability to pilot special aircraft that are known for their weapons and abilities to outmaneuver other aircraft.

The TIE craft has better weapons along with sensors that cause it to strike fear in the hearts of any of their opponents. You do have to put the vehicle together, but it’s easy to do.

The wing panels of the craft snap right on and it’s ready to play with in a matter of minutes. These are sturdy and can handle tough play so even if a child bumps them against something, they won’t fall off.

Kids love the awesome design and they’ll have plenty of fun imagining that they’re flying about the galaxy carrying out elite missions from the First Order. The craft can be played with separately from the figure but if they do use it, it slides easily in or out of the cockpit. Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

Though this set only comes with the one figure, there is room in the vehicle for a second pilot. There is a window in both the front as well as the back of the ship. The ship is built for neutralizing enemy vessels, which it does with ease because of the lasers that it carries.

These lasers can be blasted forward from the gun turrets when they’re fired from the ship and they have a pretty long range. The fighter pilot’s helmet with a face mask is removable, which is one of the reasons why you don’t want to use the set with smaller kids.

It’s a small piece. The helmet does have an oxygen system with it that allows the pilot to be able to breathe. There’s a lot of attention to detail in the creation of the figure and his accessories.

A great thing about these sets is that the majority of them are interchangeable with the weapons and the figures. So kids can create a lot of different scenarios when they play with the other sets that they have.

One thing the Star Wars toys do is inspire imagination in our children. Video games have their place but give me good, clean creative fun anytime. May the force be with you.

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda