The Best and Hottest Toys 2016

Minion Dave Give Banana To Minion.Nowadays, iPads and tablets are replacing the usual handheld toys and remote controls. Manufacturers of toys are now looking for effective ways to distract the children from playing with their tablets and to attract them to play with colorful toys instead.

This article provides some of the hottest toys 2016 that the children will really enjoy. Some of these toys stemmed from the movies released in 2015 like Frozen and Minions.

1. New Nintendo 3DS XL

This new version of handheld Nintendo features C stick for enhanced controls. It has faster processing and bigger screen than Nintendo 3DS. By using Parental Controls to disable 3D mode, children ages 6 and below can also use this. This is recommended for both boys and girls.
Price: Approx $200

2. Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool

This toy is included on the Top 100 Toys of Walmart. This is perfect for children who are just starting their school. It features more than 35 sounds and songs. It comes with 4 little chairs and little people that the children can play with.
Price: Approx $40

3. Jetaire Camper Kids Play Tent

This toy provides the children with camping experience inside the house. The tent is handmade and hand stitched so it looks like a real tent. This is recommended for children ages 3 and up and is perfect for summer.
Price: Approx $249

4. Frozen Disney Karaoke with Screen

This treat from the Disney’s Frozen will really make the children enjoy their playing time. It composes of eight vocal and eight instrumental songs from the movie Frozen. It works like a real karaoke and the kids can sing along with their favorite music. This is recommended for all ages.
Price: Approx $90

5. My Monopoly Game

This toy can be customized personally. Children can add their own photos and memories on the game board. The players can also customize the tokens, houses, hotels and community chest cards. Children ages 8 and above can play with this toy.
Price: Approx $20

6. Compose Yourself Music Card Game by ThinkFun

It allows the children to compose their own songs even though they don’t have any musical experience. It includes players to compose up to 60 music. Music lovers ages 6 years and above can play with this toy.
Price: Approx $15

7. SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

This toy allows the kids to play with the parts of a human body. It is a fun educational tool with great designs so that the children may explore and understand the human anatomy. It comes with a book that discusses the skeletal muscular and circulatory systems.
Price: Approx $20

8. Despicable Me Jumbo Talking Minion Dave

This minion toy can say over 10 Minion sayings. It very soft and it has eyes that light up when you turn it on. This is a very cool toy as compared to other Minion toys in the market.
Price: Approx $63

The 8 hottest toys 2015 mentioned above are just some of the best toys made for children of different ages. They will surely delight the kids and they will make the playing experience more fun and exciting.

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda