Virtual Reality View Master – This Toy Is Still Around?

View Masters were big when I was a child but don’t for one minute assume this is your same old View Master. With newer times come amazingly new models and this one is a hit.

Virtual reality meets the View Master. That is the concept of this innovative toy from Mattel. The classic View Master gets a View Master Virtual Realitymajor update in the new Virtual Reality View Master, powering it with Google’s Cardboard VR Technology and finishing it up with a cutting edge look.


Who Would Be Interested in Having The Virtual Reality View Master?

Classic toys will always have a special place in our hearts, and one of them is the View Master, which was first introduced by Mattel way back in 1940. The introduction of this upgraded version will surely awaken nostalgic memories and those of us who had a View Master years ago will be interested to find out what this new version has to offer. Techies who are into anything that makes use of virtual reality will also be lining up to get their hands on this one.

Things I Like About The Virtual Reality View Master

This is clearly not your usual binoculars. It’s not your conventional View Master, either. Instead, you have a stereoscopic device that offers an immersive digital viewing experience. Children (recommended aged 7+) and adults alike will be able to enjoy a 360-degree view of any scenery they focus the View Master on. This is thanks to the View Master’s integration with Google’s Cardboard Virtual Reality technology.

Even the picture reels were given an upgrade. This time, they are circular slides that will also facilitate a 360-degree viewing angle. The good thing is that usage of the View Master will not be restricted by these picture reels. Even without them, the View Master can function. All you have to do is download the photos on your smartphone. Now that is cool!Mattel DLL70 View Master Experience Space

Even better is the news that Mattel has promised to make the Virtual Reality View Master compatible with both iPhone and Android-based devices.

Things I Did Not Like About The Virtual Reality View Master

People using the View Master who wear larger glasses may have issues getting close enough to the viewer to benefit from all it has to offer.


As of this writing, Mattel has still not released any information regarding guarantees applicable to the Virtual Reality View Master.

Is The Virtual Reality View Master Worth The Money?

If this stereoscopic toy lives up to all the features that we’ve listed, then it is definitely a great buy for the price being asked.

Where Can I Buy The Virtual Reality View Master?

Mattel makes its products available in all its stores, even online. Consumers, however, have a lot more options if they only know where to look. If you prefer to make your purchase online, look no further than Amazon, where discounts are also applied to various products. You might just score the Virtual Reality View Master at a discounted price, and it may even qualify for Amazon’s Free Shipping, saving you more money.

Final Thoughts For The Virtual Reality View Master

It’s the same concept, but with bigger and better features! Make sure you are one of the first people to own the new Virtual Reality View Master from Mattel. A couple of my son’s friends have one and they are loving it.

Your toy enthusiast, Brenda